Hypnotherapy is Behavior Modification Counseling that provides a powerful and effective means of creating “permanent” lifestyle changes. It is a holistic approach of “Total Sensory Communication” between the mind and body.

By combining hypnosis with specialized therapeutic techniques, a professionally trained Hypnotherapist acts as a guide to assist you in releasing old, negative habits and fears that keep you from reaching your desired goals.

Stress & Your Health

The AMA, American Medical Association, has recognized hypnosis as a valid medical treatment for certain conditions since 1958. By using complementary and alternative medicine treatments such as hypnosis, Hypnotherapists can help promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Most people think of stress as the “demands of life.” These demands can come in many forms and a have direct affect on your mind, body and emotional health. Anything can become stressful if it is strong enough, long lasting and is repeated too often.

People under significant stress are at high risk for addictions, eating disorders, smoking, depression, career burnout, insomnia and physical injury or illness and more. Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to be an effective holistic approach for Stress Management, Behavioral Modification and Optimal Health.

Hypnosis & The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic uses hypnosis as a psychological and medical therapy to help relieve symptoms of some diseases and conditions. When you’re under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed and you can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out distractions.

According to specialists, during hypnosis “clients can tap into and use their inner resources, make personal changes and learn how to manage their lives more effectively.”
Hypnosis is intend ed to help you gain more control over undesired behaviors or emotions or to help you cope better with a wide range of medical conditions. Hypnosis isn’t considered a type of psychotherapy. Rather, it’s a procedure typically used along with certain treatments and therapies to help a wide variety of conditions.

If you’ve ever seen hypnotism used as entertainment in a stage act, you’ve probably witnessed several of the myths about hypnosis in action. Legitimate clinical hypnotherapy practiced by a qualified professional is not the same process as that performed on stage.

When using Hypnotherapy in a positive setting with an experienced therapist, you will be able to have successful lifestyles changes for your personal and professional life.

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