“Thank you for the wonderful presentation. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn valuable skills in communication. The art of listening is lost with so many, but your knowledge will no doubt prove invaluable to any audience that you speak to and will assist them in their personal growth.”
Ross Feinberg,
Feinberg, Grant, Mayfield, Kaneda & Litt, LLP

“Great job! Very interesting subject matter! Everyone loved your speaking style & dynamic wit!”
Michael O’Connor
Summit Mortgage

“Thank you so much for the wonderful training our supervisors and managers received on the Essentials of Communication. You were able to deliver significant information in a fast paced, fun atmosphere which made it easy for our team to share and grow.”
Sabrina Doxen
Brays Island Plantation

“Your seminar has given me the opportunity to remove any obstacles that have been impeding my objective of being an effective leader. I now have the confidence to communicate with my clients, my staff and my family. I highly recommend this seminar because it not only enriches the workplace, but also is applicable to every aspect of life.”
Mike Ingram
B.I.P. Golf Director

“Michele, you are definitely all about empowerment! I’ve been into self-improvement for years applying what I have learned both personally and professionally as a manager. You have done a tremendous job putting it all together for your own business. Thank you for taking the time to help others. I hope our paths cross again someday soon.”
Steve Rusen
Oce-USA, Inc.

“I really learned a lot from your demonstration of ‘toning’ down an aggressive person in a difficult situation. You provided great educational tools for phenomenal communication. Such a good time!”
Bobbi Jo Cook
CSBC Manager

“We all wish to extend our deepest thanks for the fantastic program you presented at or CAI Program. The feedback I received personally from all the members was outstanding. You are truly a talented speaker and I was pleased that you were able to share several insights to help improve our interpersonal communication skills.”
James C. Harkins, IV
CAI, Orange County Chapter

“This was a very educational class. By the end of the 1st hour I already noticed my behavior changing! Watching your role play exercises on how to build instantaneous rapport was amazing! I never knew we revealed so much in our body language!”
Beth Brinston
Warner Brothers

“Excellent! Exceeded my expectations! Every person I know would benefit from a course on Interpersonal Communication presented by The Mind Coach.”
Marilyn Garee
Sales Trainer

“Extremely helpful conference! I came here with a low self- esteem and a loss of hope, but now I realize that I can become more respected and more professional in my area of work.”
Angie McLaren
Englewood Packing Co.

“First impressions have always been counted in life as a tool of direction. Your smile, professional look and energetic personality held my attention all day long. I feel I absorbed so much from your knowledge and wanted to say a heart-felt thank you.”
Deborah Pellegrin
AVW Audio & Visual

“Michele was excellent, vibrant, enthusiastic, and had a great rapport with the group. She is someone you want to strive to be like as a role model in business.”
Candie Tylor
Kruse Bye & Assoc.

“Once again another high impact, fun filled seminar that keep our executives asking for more! I always get a kick out the balloon exercise. What a great way to demonstrate stress management! Go for Success”
Geri Spearman
Federal Executive Board

“After listening and listening all day at a seminar I am usually drained and tired. This was the first seminar I left feeling great and that I had retained so much information. I was charmed by your inner strength mixed with confidence, poise and the ability to communicate to us so well. Thank you for being a part of my life that day!
Linda J. Peterson
Northern Nevada Radiology

“The assertive communication and time management strategies you provided to us will be very helpful in our careers with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, thank you for coming out to the facility.”
Rick Reiss
Metropolitan Correctional Center

Thank you for your enthusiastic and very worthwhile presentation on dealing with difficult people. Everyone has been asking me where you are speaking next! You have rated the highest out of all speakers so far! Let’s get you in for our next event before you are all booked up!
Monica Cohen
Community Associations Institute

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