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Michele Guzy is 5’2” and a dynamic speaker. Make sure she is visible and can be seen from all angles. For groups more than 100, a riser stage is helpful for the audience (to) have full visual impact of the program.

Please DO NOT have her stand behind a lectern or head table. If a podium/table is being used for introductions have it to the side and pull it back from edge of stage to allow space for Michele to walk in front of it.

Avoid a center aisle. The best seats in the house are directly in front of the speaker. Have chairs in chevron style rather than in straight rows to create more comfort and focus. Stagger chairs if possible and allow for a minimum of 6 inches between chairs. If room is rectangular, set the stage in the center of long wall with single chair “exit lanes” for every 6-7 chairs if your rows are long.

Keep the front rows as close to the stage as comfortable. Reduce the distance between speaker and the participants in the last row. If speaker is on floor level, create a 6-foot walking area between her and the 1st row so she can do demonstrations. DO NOT overset the room. Only have as many chairs you expect people with a few extra chairs available in back of room. Have a door host direct the participants to take seats up front first. Tape off last rows until 10 minutes prior to speech.

Hotels never think of the following ideas. It is vital to develop a sense of intimacy and immediate rapport with all attendees. If the side/back doors close loudly, please have a door stop or tape the lock to avoid noisy distractions. At banquets, please ask the wait staff to clear dishes AFTER presentation and have minimal noise if serving coffee. This will be less distracting.

Please set up coffee breaks outside meeting room. Have water stations inside if needed or place pitchers of water with glasses directly on participant tables.

AUDIO / VISUAL: (determined by meeting size)  Audio/video recording must have a separate contract with speaker.

LCD Projector (minimum 1000 lumens), PowerPoint or Overhead Projector
Projection Screen (size depending on room)
Wireless (lavaliere) mic and handheld mic for audience questions for large audience

Try to use your own speaker sound system rather than the speakers in the hotel room. Quite often hotel speakers are not working properly or have a “buzz” to them. For large groups, have speakers in front, middle and back of the room. If you are in a divided ballroom, make sure your audio system is not patched in to the function next door. Nothing is more distracting than hearing someone else’s speech over yours. Check to see that dividing walls are closed tight.

Michele prefers to have music playing to welcome audience into room and during breaks. Check to see if hotel has music available through their stereo system. If not, make sure Michele can patch her recorder into the speakers to play her audios/cd’s.

Please make sure the entire room is well lit, especially the stage area. Make use of spotlights if available. Your mind believes if it cannot “see” you – it cannot “hear” you! When the ceiling lights shine directly on the projection screen DO NOT dim all the lights. Have the hotel remove only the lights above the screen. Bright rooms stimulate high energy, dark rooms are for sleeping!

The eye follows movement, not sound. If photos are to be taken, avoid doing so during the first fifteen minutes of presentation. It is possible to take “posed action shots” during the break.

How to get the most out of Michele Guzy’s presentations:

  • Please read Michele’s introduction as it is written.
  • Try to have the group in a fun mood BEFORE introducing your speaker.
  • After athletic activities, marathon meetings, sad announcements, cocktail parties, gourmet dinners or arriving jet-lagged from another time zone, an audience is not alert for a speaker no matter how dynamic the topic may be.
  • Michele likes to meet as many members of her audience as possible. She is available to attend your social events before and after, but please don’t keep her out late at night before she speaks.
  • If you have a multi-day conference it is not a good idea to place your speaker on the last day.
  • When people have been up late the night before or intend on leaving early, consider having your speaker at the beginning of your program when they are the most alert.
  • For awards or extended announcements consider having your speaker go on first or give the audience a short break to stretch before speaker introductions.
  • Remember, a cocktail party is not a good start for your people or any speaker. This could make your program a waste of money.
  • For banquets, try serving dessert at the next break instead of after lunch. People will be less full/sleepy and it makes for a nice pick-me-up instead of the usual coffee service.

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